The Undeclared War in Syria

Wonder who saw this coming?

On April the sixth, last Thursday, Trump shifted from bringing “America First” to the expected neoconservative stance. This, and more flip-flops to come, are to be expected from someone with no solid platform except for the already existing one in the legislature. The crisis is Syria is more damning than what can be explained by what mainstream media is posing. We are in a proxy war with Russia, that is true. Not only are we in a proxy war with Russia but we are now at war with Assad by our offensive on their air force base and by supporting the main rebel faction: the FSA (Free Syrian Army).

However, the FSA also supports Al- Nursa, another rebel faction with their own goals and territory. Furthermore, Al- Nursa supports ISIS/ ISIL/ Daesh. The US government is indirectly funding ISIS and frankly not many on the hill are making much of a fuss of the current situation.

If we originally stayed out of the middle east decades ago, this wouldn’t be our current world: terrorist attacks weekly, religious persecution, and a whole part of the world under constant regime and territory changes with no end in sight.