While a relatively small state in comparison with the rest of the country, we face large issues just as any other state…

On Guns:

Day by day, month by month, more and more people are calling for more gun control. At the same time, their voices are backed by multiple school shootings that have happened across the country.

Promoting the individual’s rights to own and bear arms regardless of the ammo capacity, how scary it looks, or if the stock can go back and forth is key. Gun control is not the solution as it persecutes the majority even if it was just a single person committing the crime.

By protecting the existing rights to own and bear arms in one’s own house as well as out in public is key. Police aren’t going to be around every corner waiting for someone to take a shot. Average Joe will as with the millions of other gun owners. By taking away individual’s right to bear arms, criminals – which don’t obey the law hence their title – will have open season. Voting down all new gun control measures and promoting new one’s is the only way forward.

On Taxes:

Property taxes are foul to say the least. With the third highest property tax in the nation, something must be done. When it comes to it, I will vote down every bill that would raise taxes and will fight to lower them.

Throughout the state’s annual funding warrants, much can be cut without damaging the people or the environment providing even more relief to the taxpayer.

Where the state gets its revenue (transparentnh | website)

The Budget:

The budget has gotten out of control. Smaller bills are being eaten alive by dozens of amendments that secretly increase spending. The deficit is rising with smaller revenue growth. This has occurred under Democratic and Republican regimes with the biggest recent budgets under Sununu’s government.

A balanced budget should be a guarantee. A budget that is small and takes little to nothing from taxpayers is a budget worth fighting for.

Vote down the Frankenstein spending bills and any other bill that increases spending without taking into consideration the existing budget. Any budget bill that would increase the deficit should also be voted down. Instead, cutting government spending in line with cutting taxes should be the prime objective.

On Drugs:

The Drug War has caused countless deaths and crowded jails. And mandatory minimums aren’t helping. Decriminalizing all drugs would save the state much needed cash while also saving the taxpayers their wallets. It has been proven that people won’t do drugs just because they are legal and legalizing drugs could lead to more people being willing to seek treatment for their addiction. In addition to decriminalizing all drugs, Cannabis should be legalized and its many products. If elected, I will craft a bill with other libertarians to decriminalize all drugs. This has been done before on such a scale. In 2001, Portugal decriminalized all drugs and focused attention on rehabilitation rather than filling up prisons.

The Opioid Crisis:

As one of the hardest hit, if not the hardest, states in the country in the Opioid Crisis, I will support the efforts of local and state agencies and volunteer groups in helping those affected by addiction. Rehabilitation over punishment.

On the Federal/ State relationship:

The state has much to loose, Article 7 of the New Hampshire Bill of Rights must be a tool at our side. If a bully pushes you into a corner, you stand up to him, you don’t give in.

On the Convention of States

So far, 12 states have applied for a Convention of States. According to Article V of the US Constitution, 2/3 of the states can apply for a Convention of States in order to amend the Constitution without interaction with Congress. The three areas that the current Convention of States propose that we amend is:

  1. Limit the federal government’s spending.
  2. Limit the terms on public office in the federal government (e.g. Senators, Reps. Judges).
  3. Limit the jurisdiction/ powers of the federal government.

If elected, I produce a bill with other like minded individuals, if one isn’t created at that point, that would appeal for a Convention of States to be implemented based on these three points.

On Education

Private education is more cost effective and more efficient than public education. Allowing families to decide where their children go to school for the optimal experience is just and reasonable.

On Job Creation

It is not the function of the state to “produce” jobs. It is however a good byproduct from economically sound legislation and deregulation.

Other Important Issues

Abortion: Pro- Choice; however keep Planned Parenthood unfunded (this goes for all private endeavors and subsidies unrelating to abortion)

Commuter Rail: There’s no room for subsidies or such large public projects as these in the budget; however if a private institution wants to create a commuter rail system that’s fine.

Northern Pass: All the “jobs” that’d be created would be temporary. It’s a waste of beautiful scenery. Also, alternatives are available such as UTT (Underground Transmission Technology) or underwater cables as well. 

Alternatives to Northern Pass (Conservation Law Foundation)