My name is Spencer Dias. I have roots ranging from eastern Canada (Quebec and Prince Edward Island), Wales, England, Scotland, and all the way to the Azores islands (Portugal) in the Atlantic Ocean (where I get my last name).

While I was born in Manchester, my parents moved me over to Bedford right before Kindergarten started to receive a better education. Bedford is everything that embodies the rural atmosphere and the limbs of urbanization all while remaining part of the environment.

High school plays centre to my life in regards to all parts of it. I entered Bedford High School in the fall of 2014. Moving forwards, I joined the Bedford Theatre company and helped them in the backstage, lighting, sound, you name it. In my junior year I joined the Model UN(MUN) team to apply my curiosity for the world of politics and history. Presently I have attended several MUN conferences: Philips-Exeter Model UN, Harvard Model UN, and our conference at home: Bulldog MUN.

Most seventeen-year-olds do not think of running for public office so early, but I did. At age 16 I found my calling to the Libertarian party with the boasts of freedom and small government. Next thing I know I obtain membership to the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) and the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire (LPNH). Furthermore, I create a Liberty Club, an extension of the LPNH, at Bedford High School.

I am a member of famous family, the Otis family. Some members include: James Otis Sr, James Otis Jr (“Taxation without Representation is Tyranny”), Elisha Otis (Reinvented the elevator), William Otis (Steam shovel), and Amelia Earhart (A bit off the beaten path, her mother had the name of Otis).



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