IMG_9349RCHello, my name is Spencer Dias.  I was born in Manchester in 1999, and my parents made the decision to move to Bedford shortly thereafter.  Both of my parents work in the medical field; my mother as an office secretary for Urgent Care and my father as a physician’s assistant at St. Joseph’s Hospital.  I work as customer service associate at Lowe’s right here in Bedford.  This year I graduated from Bedford High School and plan to attend St. Anslem’s College next year to study political science.  My parents instilled in me the value of hard work and dedication from an early age.

While at high school I took interest in the performing arts; specifically the Bedford Theatre Company, assisting with lighting, audio, and prop management.  I was also involved with the Model United Nations team which helped me develop an interest for domestic and international politics and history.  I attended several major conferences including those at Phillips Academy at Exeter, Harvard University, Boston College, Georgetown University, and the University of Pennsylvania.

In 2016, I decided to become politically involved.  I joined the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire and volunteered as a member of the platform committee.  I ran for School Board here in Bedford in our town’s elections earlier this year.  In April, at the LPNH state convention I was elected as a delegate to the 2018 Libertarian National Convention in New Orleans, LA.

Ultimately, I am running for State Representative because I believe that the people of Bedford deserve better, principled representation.  I want to prove to you, my constituents, that government can be restrained when we elect people who we know and trust.  I will work every day to reinforce that “We the People” come before partisan or special interests.  In placing your confidence in me, you place your confidence in the future of New Hampshire and the future of Bedford.  I hope to earn your vote and represent our community in the House of Representatives.

In Liberty,

Spencer A. Dias