Hello, and thank you for your time:

In 2018, there will be more than two parties on the ballot. You’ll have a choice between the usual Republicans, Democrats, and a new third option: Libertarians. I, and many others, will be running on the Libertarian ticket on that fateful day of November 6th, 2018.

As a State Representative to the New Hampshire General Court I will push forth freedom and smaller government. As a youth, I will also bring ideas of my generation which happen to fall in line with the tenets of libertarianism. I would also bring the history of my ancestors with me, such as James Otis Jr. (“Taxation without Representation is Tyranny” and friend of Samuel Adams), Elisha Otis (Otis Elevators), a general, a senator, and even Amelia Earhart. I have high expectations to live up to, an I expect myself to do just that and then some.